The Ugly Truth is that death & the truth are the only constants in this world. The truth is something that can never ever change no matter how hard you try. The ugly truth is that you know one day you will deal with death, whether it is someone close to you or yourself. When we are young we have such a beautiful imagination. We have these long lists of things we want to accomplish. Kids wear costumes everyday pretending to be superheroes. What we don’t realize at a young age is that every day we grew older, that little superhero inside of us is dying bit by bit. I remember being a little kid and going to the dollar store to get toys and it being the happiest day in my life. We never worried about anything as a kid no matter how big the problems were. Just think of yourself as a kid and think about all the things you wanted to be and wanted to do. But the older you got the shorter and more depressing that list became. Why is it that we lose our imagination? I lost my imagination for a little bit but the deeper I got into life the more I’ve tried to get it back. Throughout our years in school we are all taught the same classes and subjects, and we begin to think the same We are also constantly told what’s real and what is not, and it kills our imagination. When you are young death seems so impossible and so far away. As you get older death gets closer and goes from the impossible to a true reality. As we get older we start living a little less when it should be the opposite. I never wanted to go to school and learn until I got out of college. Now, the older I get the more I want to learn and go back to school. Life comes at you so fast, and you go from thinking 50 dollars makes you richest kid in the world to realizing that now days not even a million dollars makes you actually rich. And, it definitely doesn’t make you happy. It’s amazing as kids we all want to be so grown and have all these responsibilities, but then when reality hits and we wish we were that same kid in kindergarten with no worries. I think my generation worries about the wrong things and we worship possessions and money rather than the people and experiences that truly matter. We all know death is coming one day, we don’t know when or why we just know it’s coming, and that is a very scary thought. However, I think the most important fact we will ever know is that there is an end. So shouldn’t that give us all enough energy to fulfill our life with the people and thoughts and things that make us happy? People need to look at life like a party… when you get to the party at first everyone is shy but as the party goes on you start to loosen up and enjoy it and not worry about anything. You are just going with the vibe. You need to treat life the same way. You don’t want to wait until the end of the party to start enjoying it because then you will leave asking yourself all these ‘what if’ questions. Life is a party every day and every day we wake up we have a reason to dance and celebrate. Every day I try to enjoy life and use my imagination because I never want the child inside me to die.

I never want to feel like I let that inner person down. The beauty of this situation is that we can’t control death but we can control life and how we live it. Remember, legends never die.